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Charlie P., (of Charlie and Joe Big Book Study) passed away last night.

April 21, 2011Charlie P., (of Charlie and Joe Big Book Study) passed away last night. I doubt that I would have been able to stay sober and find the good life that I enjoy today had it not been for the work and efforts of you Charlie! You saved my life and helped me to find a new one! I am, and will be forever grateful, to and for you!

Charlie P. and Joe McQ, RIP, from Arkansas, USA, carried the message of Alcoholics Anonymous — the Big Book, to literally hundreds of thousands of members in our Fellowship in dozens of countries all around the globe. Many in our Fellowship have been helped and had their lives transformed as a result of following along with Charlie and Joe, in their Big Book Studies, that were often performed at Conventions, Round-ups, Retreats, Conferences and onboard Sober Cruises.

I believe that Charlie and Joe — were the spark and the flame, that generated a much needed fire in the belly of the Fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous — to get back to the basics of recovery by Taking the 12 Steps — using the Big Book, as the guide and source for the precise instructions on “Having Had A Spiritual Awakening as THE result of THESE Steps. Their efforts and work was reproduced on millions of CD’s, cassette tapes, and MP3 files that have been downloaded to continue to carry the message of transformation, change, recovery and hope.

I’ll continue to follow up with funeral and memorial service information as it becomes available.

~Dallas B.

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Sober News website back online!

We’re happy to announce that we’ve finally got the Sober News website back online!

As many of you are aware — at the first of the year, someone was able to gain access to our website and destroyed thousands of hours of work, and hundreds of articles, photos, videos, links and resources that were posted to help individuals seeking information about recovering from alcoholism, drug addiction, and mental health other disorders.  And, now, our website is starting to show signs of progress in it’s own recovery efforts.

I’m looking forward with anticipation to getting those resources back on this website (and adding many new resources) so that we can continue our efforts to help others and to provide useful information that can be used to aid those that work in the fields of addiction treatment, mental health care  and prevention.

Thank you, to those in the Recovery Community, for your continued support!

Sober News!

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